Tandemsprung Klattau Nahe Furth im Wald

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Skydiving with the pros in Klattau

  • Tandem jump from 4300 meters
  • Skydiving from 6000 meters possible (with surcharge)
  • 60 – 90 seconds free fall
  • 6-8 minutes on the open parachute
  • certificate

Weitere Details


Tandem jump Klattau near Furth in the forest

Here you are on our main Klatovy jump. This is and remains the most beautiful airfield for skydiving far and wide with the best aircraft „Skyvans“ and many other amenities. When skydiving in Klattau you also have several options available.

  • Skydiving from 4300 meters
  • Tandem jump from 6000 meters with oxygen (with surcharge)

Of course you jump with us and our German team. Also our Tandemmaster colleagues from all over Europe are at your disposal, so that you can jump up to 10 people at the same time. Contact us.

Tandem jump 6000 meters skydiving

Tandem jump 6000 meters skydiving


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